Calendula Salve

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Calendula is considered a vulnerary which means wound healer.  It is rich in tannins that create a protective layer over an open wound allowing it to heal without infection.  Great for boo boo’s. If you have children, you definitely want this. 


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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 cm

2 reviews for Calendula Salve

  1. Sara Twaddle

    Calendula is such a great healing herb it was delivered in barrels (the flower petals) for the first settlers in the Americas and used in dozen of formats. This salve is powerful stuff! I gave it to my brother in law when he cracked his head & got 20 stitches. He has no scar after applying daily while he healed.

  2. omgherbal

    Used on my daughters arm, some kind of rash and lets say it cleared it up super fast!! This stuff was amazing

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